Monday, 5 October 2015

10 Facts about Mac Book you should know before you buy it

With number of Mac devices to choose from with different specifications, features and designs, it is little bit ticklish to find the best one that really suits up your taste and mood. Making a decision which one is the best one for us is somewhat difficult question to reason upon. With the league of Mac users around the world, every user has its own requirements and thus, reviews also.
One must not get influenced by what others think about the thing you are likely to buy but, you should do a better research from yourself and make a well concluded wise decision for your hard earned money and efforts for it. Apple always comes up with a better and superlative product in the market to make their reputation a renowned and standing one in this cut throat competitive market. Choosing any one of all requires efforts for any buyer.

But, in order to make your work hassle free, here are some points that can make you take an easy decision with the ponder upon the various factors that can help you in taking an apt decision:

1.      Current Mac Book models and their prices: With each model comes the different price and thus, different specs too. The Apple’s Mac Book line is equipped of three different categories, namely Mac Book, Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro. The three are differentiated with their performance, size and prices. The Mac Book Air is the light weight laptop that comes in cheap prices. Entering the world of Apple laptops, Mac Book is the right path for the people. It comes in two sizes of 11 inch and 13 inch. The easier to look at screen and with better battery life, the 13 inch Mac device is more popular among the people. Commonly referred to as Ultra Book, it is last updated in April, 2014. The simple Mac Book is made just for style and portability. It comes with a retina display with number of colors as grey, silver and gold. It consists of one processor and one port.The Mac Book Pro comes in three instances as 13 inch Mac Book Pro, 15 inch Mac Book Pro and simple Mac Book Pro. The 15 inch device comes with the advanced features of the processor.

2.      Mac Connections: The Mac is equipped with a single port along with a headset port that is efficiently provided with a speed of 10 Gbps. It provides the ease to send and receive data simultaneously with the seamless process of data exchange. Unlike the other Mac devices, the simple Mac Book does not provide the Ethernet port so, the users need to buy an adapter to get the wired connection on the device. But, it likely offers a Wifi connection to plug in to any network.

3.      Memory storage: The device comes with the varying memory space. The large memory is for all genre of people while, the moderate memory space is adequate enough for the handy users of the Mac devices. The base models come with a 1.6GHz of processor and a 4 GB of RAM accompanied by the 128 GB of Solid Storage Drive (SSD) Storage. The users have the flexibility to increase the memory space of the device by the insertion of the external memory cards. Well, CPU and RAM are inevitable but SSD storage is surely upgradable.

4.      Graphics: With the demanding needs of the people, Apple always gives alluring features to its users making itself distinctive from others. The graphic card being inserted in the devices are changed with the development in technology. Before 2011, NVIDIA graphic cards were used but now, with the advent of AMD card, it is becoming a prevalent in all devices with reliability with the processors. The latest version of Mac product comes up with the Intel HD Graphics 6000 processor, which offers the superlative performance in the graphic intensive tasks such as games.

5.      Power throughout day: The Mac users can enjoy the large battery life of the device through the day with the efficient fifth generation Intel Core processor built inside it. Teens can surf through the whole day and get tuned with the iTunes on the device. With each new model of the year, the batter performance increases and accessing various energy saving settings in the OS.

6.      Get yourself clicked in HD camera: The Face time HD camera, equipped with 720 pixels can capture the whole family in the frame. The smile looks so bright with the high resolution camera.

7.      Stay tuned with dual microphones: The dual Microphone in the Mac devices lets you be audible in the applications like Face time calling. In dictation, they use intensively audio beams to detect the voice.

8.      Multi touch track pad: One can swipe multiple fingers on the screen to launch your apps on the window screen. The gesture response is quite smooth and realistic. The touch on the screen gives a feel of real contact.

9.      Multi functional device: The users looking for multi functional device with a cheap price can make a decision to buy the Mac devices. The big screen lovers can go for the 15 inch Mac Book Pro. The multimedia space makes you edit and view large photos with the demanding photo editing applications.

10.  Compatibility with devices: The Mac products are PC friendly and every Mac page comes with a Pages, numbers and Keynotes.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Flipkart’s online shop now to get a physical, concrete avatar

The Indian e-commerce behemoth, Flipkart, is now set to test the waters of offline retailing. With its first outlet at its Bangalore office going gangbusters, they are now ready to breed more such golden gooses in its Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata offices.

It all started with their employees prodding the company to be able to lay their hands at exclusive Flipkart merchandise which they could flaunt amongst their family, friends and acquaintances. They opened their first offline store by the name of ‘Fliptomania’ at Bangalore which was stocked with whacky yet cool coffee mugs, random stationery products, stickers for digital accessories and even some cute employee feedback walls. These items were fervently lapped by both the Flipkart’s employees and outsiders. However, non-employees formed just 10% of the total fraction of buyers.The company also contrives to unveil ‘Fliptomania’ online for its workforce before they start expanding its physical versions in other metro cities. Lots of requests are also pouring in for more Flipkart branded wearing apparels, like T-shirts and other accoutrements in the form of gifting variety. The deep sense of pride that such stores propagate amongst the employees is one major reason for Flipkart’s revenues spiking through such ventures. Mr. Harish Bijoor, brand expert and CEO, Harish Bijoor Co. believes that by instilling a sense of ownership amongst the workers, the market valuation of a company can rise by a substantial figure of 1.6 or 1.8 times from its actual value.
The point to ponder on now is the consequential impact of Flipkart’s foray in this off the grid commercial setup. Will this goliath step be potent enough to shake the roots of India’s economy and alter the fate of local retailers who house their livelihood in brick-and-mortar shops? The answer is still ambiguous as Mr. Jaitley, India’s Honorable Finance Minister, in his latest budget speech stated that manufacturing units will have the authority to sell their wares through retail conduits which also covered popular e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon, YepMe, Snapdeal, Ebay, and Junglee. This move will also prove beneficial for local retailer units of international big shots such as UCB, Puma, Reebok, and Marks & Spencer besides various other global players. This can also mean that by buttressing the online retail space, a robust fillip can be given to the local manufacturing sphere. Despite these bright prospects, not all are happy with the forecast of such economic reforms and many rallies against the same have been staged by many small Indian trader communities. Their pot of luck still seems to be hanging in the balance between the chaos of FDI and online-offline profit driven agendas of such e-commerce biggies.